Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clean Energy Summit

Sofia, Stephanie, and other IC students at a round table discussion with Congressman Hinchey and President Rochon

On Friday, Stephanie and I attended The Clean Energy Summit. Throughout the morning we discussed dining sustainability at our table outside Emmerson Suites with students, faculty, and others from the regional area. Our main topic discussed was the energy initiative and what changes are being made on campus. We also reminded students of the Organic Harvest Month Celebration in Towers, coming up this Thursday. Next we attended the closing keynote address by Maurice Hinchey U.S. Representative for the 22nd District of New York. Hinchey congratulated the college's efforts toward sustainability in the built environment and the classroom. He recognized that Ithaca is a leader in "going green" and decreasing its carbon footprint by "walking the green talk," with its new LEED buildings. Hinchey went on the state that, "for these and many other reasons... I cannot think of a better place to hold this forum on a topic of such critical importance."
After the keynote address, Stephanie and I attended a round table luncheon discussion, pictured above. Students from an environmental law class also accompanied Stephanie and I as we discussed a range of topics with Congressman Hinchey and President Rochon. Some of the topics included local food issues, fracking, government policies and incentives relating to energy consumption, the prospect of a new climate action plan, and how community outreach and education can increase environmental awareness.Stephanie and I greatly appreciated the obvious support of sustainable efforts that was given by Congressman Hinchey and President Rochon on Friday.

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