Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sustainability at the tc lounge

The tc lounge had its Grand Opening Celebration on Tuesday, September 28th. Sofia and I were happy to celebrate the opening and all of the measures the tc lounge has taken toward sustainability. During the lounge's makeover, LED lights replaced the original CFL and incandescent light bulbs, saving energy during it's late hours. Every menu item is served on reusable dishware, brought out by the tc lounge staff. Thus, reducing the need for trays. Using trays wastes more water in the cleaning process. Furthermore, waste and costs are reduced significantly by eliminating the need to purchase and dispose of disposable plates, utensils, etc.
 If you want to take some coffee to go, you can bring your own reusable mug, or purchase one from the Seattle's Best "I save trees" program. If you purchase a Seattle's Best Tumbler from the tc lounge, you get coffee refills for only $.99! All of the regular coffee, tea, and chocolate bars sold are Fair Trade and Organic certified. This insures that the money you spend gives producers, like small farm owners, a living wage. Also available is agave nectar for sweetening your drinks, a healthy and sustainable alternative than traditional bleached sugar.

The tc lounge decorated for the Grand Opening

If you have any sustainable ideas that the tc lounge could implement, or just general feedback on our newest retail location, feel free to contact us, as with any ideas or comments at!

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