Thursday, March 10, 2011

Energy Initiative Update

Since completing the Dining Energy Audit in January 2009, there have been huge reductions in resources used for dining services equipment. Starting with projects such as changing incandescent light bulbs to LED technology and investing in new energy-saving equipment, members on the team have gone to great lengths to reduce the amount of resources unnecessarily wasted during business.

We applaud everyone on the Energy Initiative Team for their efforts thus far!
  • Bill Bartnik
  • Marian Brown
  • Richard Couture
  • Mark Darling
  • George Goodwin
  • Michelle Jones
  • David Prunty
  • Brian McAree 
  • Zach Newswanger
  • Stephanie Piech
  • Rory Rothman
  • Jeffrey Scott 
  • Carl Sgrecci 
  • Susan Shipos
  • Sofia Johnson
  • Paul Warrender
See the progress that has been made since January 2009 below!

Grand Total Completed Projects:

  •  Estimated kWh Reduction: 279,625
  •  Estimated Natural Gas Therm Reduction: 6,653 
  •  Tonnes CO2 Removed by Project: 171
  • Project Equivalent: Number of Cars Taken of the Road Annually: 56
  • Estimated Annual Energy Cost Savings: $79,905
Check back often to see new progress made by the Energy Initiative Team!

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