Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Energy Saving Equiptment!

What's next?

Replace this...


• 208 Volts/14.4 amps
• 9 hours per day at full power (academic year meal periods)
• 15 minute pre-heat required each meal period
• Inefficient metal-sheathed radiant heaters
• Approximate electricity cost: $917 per year

With this!

• 208 Volts/13.6 amps
• Energy-efficient quartz heaters
• Electronic idle-mode can reduce energy usage by as much as 75%
• No preheat required – “Toast-now” technology
• Approximate electricity cost: $230 per year

If you would like to see more behind the scenes equipment replacement in the dining halls, sign up for the Energy Initiative Walk-Through Tour! (see sign up on left)

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