Friday, April 8, 2011

NCUR Recap

During our Presentation

NCUR was definitely a success. It was so great to be placed at the entry of Hill, where attendees went for their meals, because often we answered generic questions people had along with talking to them about dining sustainability. CRT (compost-recycling-trash) staff and dining interns sported "Sustainability Team" t-shirts too!
Nutrition intern, Leigh, and Lyndsay, a volunteer, at Sustainability Table in the Hill Center
While tabling, we received countless compliments about the college's commitment to sustainability -it really blew a lot of people away. Conference attendees were amazed that we were able to accomplish what we did with an event of this size. Ithaca College set an example for many other student leaders to bring back to their colleges and university. Our presentation on "Student Driven Sustainability Initiatives: Ithaca Dining Services" left standing room only.  We had  many questions and conversations at the with students who are interested in implementing more sustainability into their institution's dining services.  Throughout the conference, we met people from all over the nation trying to make a difference; some who have made progress and some who are struggling.  It was great to see so many students especially, with the same goals and passions!

To view a complete list of what Ithaca Dining Services did to have such a sustainable conference, click here.
To view our power point presentation, click here.

All the hard work put in by Ithaca Dining Services and the NCUR planning committee definitively paid off!

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