Thursday, October 6, 2011

Recap of World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day was a huge success! We had a great time with Red Jacket Orchards and were provided amazing food from the Fresh Food Market in Towers Dining Hall. We also had 33 people pledge to participate in our Meatless Month Challenge, including 4 who are going vegan.  Need some meatless inspiration? Watch our video recap!

Special Thanks to Jacob Fitzpatrick, Laura Kerrigan and the great people at Red Jacket Orchards!


  1. It has taken some adjustment since I've quickly learned that animal byproducts are in virtually everything. The cheese, cookies, and ice cream have been screaming my name, but I've stayed strong. It is sometimes really easy being vegan while eating at the Towers, but recently all the vegetarian options have been drenched in cheese and so I'm forced to go with my boring salad. More vegan options in Towers would be awesome if you guys have power to do that! Side note: It is day 14 and I am feeling healthier, less sluggish, and my skin is all cleared up. Thank you guys for having the pledge idea, having to write my name down on that piece of paper has made stick with it and I haven't cheated (and I think I would have, had I not signed a pledge). Thanks,

    Jake Fitzpatrick

  2. My name is Lucy Smith, and I have always been I lover of everything bacon.
    Candied bacon, Canadian bacon, crispy bacon. But I decided to become a
    vegetarian for this month because of the push from you all.
    I've been considering it for some time, but now I know I want to try it. I want to test
    myself, and I want to be able to come out feeling like I've made a difference
    Thank you, and good luck with your own vegetarian and vegan endeavors!