Thursday, December 8, 2011

Support Our Troops, Saying Thanks Event

Thank you for supporting local troops!

                  Ithaca Dining Services hosted "Saying Thanks: Support Local Troops" at the tc Lounge on Monday, Nov. 14th. Live entertainment was provided by the Erik Caron Connection and IC Supports Our Heroes sold bracelets to raise money to buy items for the troops. The tc Lounge also provided buy one, get one free frozen and regular hot chocolates. People were able to drop off donations and write letters to the soldiers at this event.
                  In addition, boxes were set up at each dining hall, IC Square and in the Ithaca Dining Services marketing office from Monday, Nov. 26th to Friday, Dec. 2nd where students, faculty and staff could drop off donations. There was also a table set up at the Better Tomorrow Plan Celebration in Emerson Suites on Wednesday, Nov. 28th for people to drop off donations and write letters to the soldiers.
                  The donations were sent to the American Legion and they will send them to local troops in Afghanistan. Thank you for all of those who took part in this great service to our community!

We have collected
·       39 books
·       25 letters
·       15 DVDs
·       13 canned goods
·       6 boxes of Twix
·       2 containers of Wet Wipes
·       1 travel pack of Qtips
·       1 toothbrush
·       1 stuffed animal
·       1 box of pencils
·       1 pack of looseleaf paper

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