Friday, February 10, 2012

Recyclemania and Weigh the Waste!

From February- March 31, 2012, Ithaca College will be participating in a national competition to reduce waste generated throughout campus.  This event, Recyclemania, requires participating colleges and universities around the United States and Canada to promote waste reduction for a whole 8-week period. National recognition is provided to the winning school on the Recyclemania website and in a national press release. Winning schools also receive an award made out of recyclable materials!

Ithaca College has been participating in this event since 2005 and in the past have been able to reduce a ton of waste. But, we can do even better this year! Ithaca Dining Services is hosting Weigh the Waste hours during Recyclemania and after to help educate and track our waste reduction progress.

Weigh the Waste
In an additional effort to reduce waste, Ithaca College is also putting on an event called Weigh the Waste. Taking place during lunch and dinner in the dining halls, Weigh the Waste seeks to measure how much food is thrown away during meal times. Then after collecting the data from these "weigh-ins",  come up with ways to improve our own waste habits. Ithaca Dining Services would love for you to volunteer to help weigh the waste.  Email Sustainability Coordinator, Stephanie Piech with your availability and for more information

Weigh the Waste will be coming to a dining hall near you on the following dates: 

22-Feb Wed Campus Center Lunch 11-1
23-Feb Thursday Towers Lunch 11-1
 29-Feb Wed Terraces Lunch 11-1
 1-Mar Thursday Campus Center Dinner 5-7
7-Mar Wed Towers Dinner 5-7
22-Mar Thursday Terraces Dinner 5-7 
28-Mar Wed Campus Center Lunch 11-1
29-Mar Thursday Towers Dinner 5-7
 4-Apr wed Campus Center Dinner 5-7
11-Apr Wed Towers Lunch 11-1
25-Apr Wed Terraces Dinner 5-7 
26-Apr Thursday Terraces Lunch 11-1


To help Ithaca College be victorious in our recycling venture, be conscious of your own waste and try to reduce it. Sorting your garbage before disposing of it, is a great way to reduce your waste and increase your recycling power!  Look for CRT stations (Compost-Recycling-Trash) around campus where recycling, composting and trash can be disposed of in one area, like in the Pub or on the second floor of the business school by the Business School Cafe.

Items that can be recycled at this locations (or any recycling area) include:

*Paper (white, colored or typing paper)
*Catalogs, magazines and brochures
*Metal cans
*Aluminum foil
* Plastics 1-7
* Glass Bottles
* Milk and juice cartons
* Cardboard 

To raise awareness for Recyclemania and have recycling fun around campus REMP, the Resource and Environmental Program, will be hosting events to promote waste reduction, as well. Such events include recycling inspired songs and sculptures made completely from recycled materials! Many fun and creative events will be going on throughout of all Recyclemania! Be sure to look out for upcoming evetns on intercom and our Facebook page! To learn more about the kinds of projects REMP and the Eco-Reps do, check out their website here, 

Together we can make Ithaca College as close to waste-free as possible!

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