Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weigh the Waste Update

Our first two Weigh the Waste events have been successfully completed in Towers and Campus Center dining halls!  It was a great experience for Kat and I, and I hope that the students learned a few things on the way as well.

Campus Center produced 67 pounds of waste in two hours.
Towers produced 39 pounds of waste in two hours.

We must admit, these numbers are not terribly bad considering that amount of students that visit these dining locations between the hours of 11-1.  However, we still hope to reduce our waste as much as possible.  Currently, Ithaca College produces 3,000 pounds of food waste per day.  If we can all work together to implement some behavior changes- this number could drastically decrease!
Only take the amount of food that you know you can finish.  If you are still hungry, then go and get more!

We have new dates for Weigh the Waste.  The dates from the last blog post are slightly outdated.  Here are the new dates, as well as some Food Court Weigh the Waste.  These Food Court events will take place on Tuesday from 12-1.  More information on that will be coming out shortly!

March 1st Campus Center Dinner 5-7
March 7th Towers Dinner 5-7
March 22nd Terraces Dinner 5-7
March 27th Food Court 12-1
March 28th Terraces AND Campus Center Lunch 11-1
March 29th Towers Dinner 5-7

April 3rd Food Court 12-1
April 4th Campus Center Dinner 5-7
April 11th Food Court 12-1 AND Towers Lunch 11-1
April 17th Food Court 12-1
April 24th Food Court 12-1
April 25th Terraces Dinner 5-7
April 26th Terraces Lunch 11-1

May 1st Food Court 12-1

Keep an eye out for a Weigh the Waste event near you!  Interested in volunteering?  Contact Sustainability Coordinator Stephanie Piech at

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