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A Day in the Life of Meatless Monday IC Student

It's Meatless Monday time once again! It's hard to believe that it has been just over a month since we have started our Meatless journey! How has it been so far? What challenges have you faced? Has it been easier or harder that you anticipated? I know for myself, as someone who is starting the second year of  their own Meatless journey, that it is becoming easier and easier all the time. So, if you are new to Meatless Monday, don't fret if this is challenging for you! I promise, the more you try to incorporate meatlessnesss eating into your diet, the easier and more natural it becomes!

I thought for this weeks Meatless Monday, I would take you (the readers) around with me as I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for a kinda of a "day in the life of an Meatless IC Diner"! I'll be taking pictures of everything I eat and showing how easy it is, with a little creativity, to go Meatless from the start of your day to the end!

For breakfast, I like to start the day off with protein because I find it keeps me fuller longer and I don't end up feeling hungry half way through my morning classes. One of my favorite breakfast places on campus is LaVincita because they have the best breakfast sandwiches! As of this semester, they started serving breakfast paninis all day long, and they are delicious! One of my favorites, and the one I got today was the "Athenian Omelet Panini". It's filled with savory and delicious ingredients such as spinach, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and fresh basil. My favorite part is the basil, it really gives the panini a fresh flavor. As well as being packed with flavor, it is also packed with protein so I can stay focused through my Finance class! The folic acid from the spinach is a great benefit too!

I got my breakfast panini, with apple cider (such a classic fall delight). LaVincita also has really good pumpkin lattes, if you are looking forward to fall drinks, like me. 

Mid-morning Snack:

Around mid-morning, I like to have a snack to tide me over for lunch. Today, I had an apple with peanut butter. Fruit is an always portable and healthy snack. I have a habit of always grabbing fruit from the Terrace Dining Hall before I leave (which is where I got this one from). And the peanut butter is another yummy way to get more protein.


 A problem that I run into a lot when I'm going meatless is making sure I don't eat too many carbohydrates. It's easy to want to swap meat with more carbs, but it is not always the most healthy option. So, when I go meatless, I always look for fun and interesting ways to not only not eat meat, but to eat more fruits and vegetables. So, when I was in Towers for lunch, I was thrilled to see spaghetti squash as an option on the hotline. Spaghetti squash is a tasty seasonal dish, and it's also a great healthy swap for "carb-heavy" spaghetti. Just add marinara sauce (or in my case I added salsa as a kind of spicy marinara) and you have yourself a healthy and meatless "pasta" dish!

I also had a salad with spinach, mixed green, green peppers, red onion and chick peas with my favorite dressing, sesame ginger from the Fresh Market. With some orange slices as well.

I really love the infused water at Towers as well. A really refreshing way to drink more water, which is definitely good for you!

Mid-afternoon Snack:

For a mid-afternoon snack, I stopped by SubConnection and got some hummus. It's a great source of protein and one of my personal favorites. When I'm in the dining hall, particularly Terraces, I get hummus and carrot sticks from the salad bar.


Hands down, my favorite thing to get at Terraces is eggplant. I purposefully seek it out on the menus. It's so good! So, when I saw there was Eggplant Parm was on the menu-I was there. Layers of deliciously cooked eggplant layered between creamy ricotta cheese and comforting tomato sauce. It's such a filling and satisfying dinner.

I had it with another small side salad; with spinach, mixed greens, red and green peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and carrots.

Some other miscellaneous tips that I use for eating healthfully and meatless in the dining hall:

1. I use the site to track what I eat for the day to make sure I stay on track with my daily calorie intake.
2. I use the model when I am making food selections, to ensure I am getting enough vegetables and whole grains. For more information on the Myplate model: check out our previous blog:

Hope your Meatless journeys are going well! If you any question about how to eat meatless in the dining hall, ask us at

Your Meatless IC Diner,

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