Thursday, October 11, 2012

Get Hungry for Food Day

Are you a supporter of eating what Michael Pollan considers“real food”? Do you care about food security and helping to end hunger worldwide by promoting healthy, nutritious and sustainable foods? If you said yes, then you should join us in our celebration of Food Day!

Food Day is a national celebration that happens annually, on October 24th. It was started by the Center of Science for the Public Interest (CSPI), a diverse coalition of food movement organizers and leaders that came to together in order to address the issues of nutrition, hunger, agricultural policy, animal welfare and farm justice. The goal of Food Day is to unify the food movement in order to change our nation’s food policies.

The food that we choose to eat affects both our health and our communities. The current way food is produced creates a system that encourages the production cheap, chemically processed and unhealthy food options. This not only causes problems for our health, but is also harmful to our food and farm workers, environment and our farm animals. Food Day is a day when food lover and advocates alike, come together to demand that our food policies reflect our need to sustain ourselves with the types of food that will protect out health, communities and environment.

Are these issues that you care about? Want to know what IC is doing for Food Day? Look no further. Throughout the entire day, there will be events and activities held all over campus promoting the message of Food Day. Check out the schedule down below to see the times and locations of all the events. We hope to see you at some, if not all of them! 

Food in the Nude 

Ithaca Dining Services, Jackie and I are very excited to announce the event we will be holding in the Terrace Dining Hall called “Food in the Nude”.  During the event we will examine where all of the ingredients in a typical serving of Doritos and Cheezits come from. You will be surprised how far they travel to their destination of one packaged food item! We will also be decoding all of the mystery ingredients. Want to know what riboflavin or thiamin mononitrate is? Come to our event and find out!

As a part of Sodexo’s commitment to source local, seasonal and sustainable foods will be serving local food that is served on campus at the event-so come hungry! (And it definitely has traveled less miles to get here!)

This event is also registered as an SLI event, so don’t forget to register! ORGSYNC.COM/LOGIN/ITHACA-COLLEGE.

Bring your appetite for food justice and come join us at all the events on campus on Food Day!

Food Day Schedule

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