Thursday, October 25, 2012

WasteLESS Day

If you came to Terrace Dining hall on Tuesday, October 16th, you probably saw that it was WasteLESS Day!
For this event, we highlighted the importance of wasting less, especially in the dining halls.  Each food station in the dining hall was accompanied with a fact about waste.  For example, The average consumer in Europe and North America wastes 210 to 250 pounds of food a year.  With these facts dispersed at all food stations, we hoped to get students to think about how much food they were going to take before taking it.  The signs prompted them to be conscientious about how much food they should take, so as to not waste.
In addition, there was a display in the dining hall that highlighted what WasteLess was, along with facts, and information about our STOP Hunger Initiative.  Students had the option to participate in a meal sign away to support our STOP Hunger Initiative.  For each meal that was signed away, roughly 2 dollars would be donated to the Food Bank of the Southern Teir's Backpack Program.  During the event, we had 35 students sign away their meals. 

Thank you to everyone who donated and participated in WasteLESS Day! If you are interested in more ways to waste less, keep checking our sustainability blog for tips and info!


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