Friday, November 9, 2012

Meatless Monday in the limelight

Meatless Monday is not just a campus wide movement.  It is a rapidly growing program, and there are now some celebrity status people joining.  Take at look at who's on board with Meatless Monday:

Robin Roberts

 Robin Roberts from Good Morning America likes to start off her Monday mornings meatless, and continues meatless through out the day!

Michael Pollan

You may have heard of Michael Pollan, the author of the Omnivores Dilemma.  Pollan is a strong supporter of a whole foods plant based diet, and shows that through his involvement in Meatless Monday.

John Tesh

Ever listen to 97.3 when driving around Ithaca? Well, if you have, you probably know John Tesh.  During his radio show, Tesh gives tips about health, love, and life (along with other things), and one of these tips is to go meatless on Mondays!


This famous food network chef, Giada De Laurentiis, goes meatless on Mondays with new and delicious recipes each week.  Check out her Weeknights with Giada cookbook for ideas!

Russell Simmons
 Russel Simmons is not only an entrepreneur and hip hop mogul, he's also a vegetarian on Monday's!

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde, actress and model, when asked about Meatless Monday states "it's healthier for you, healthier for the planet!" And she's right! That's why she chooses to not eat meat on Monday's.

The list goes on.  Many celebrities, organizations and influential people are jumping on board with the Meatless Monday movement.  It's hard not, considering all of the incentives for your body and your environment.  So next time you're craving that burger on Monday night, remember that there are hundreds of other people who are taking the challenge with you- you are not alone! Check out what they are doing, and read their experiences for support and encouragement:

Happy Meatless Monday!
- Jackie

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