Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Update: Helping Hands Campaign!

When people think about what the word "sustainability" means, the first thing that usually comes to mind is bettering the natural environment. And while this is a very important aspect of what sustainability is, it is not the entire definition. Sustainability is a movement that encompasses fighting not only to sustain the planet, but also to promote sustaining the people of this planet, as well. This includes topics such as access to clean water and healthy and nutritious food (see the Food Day blog for more info). So, in order to fully encapsulate the full meaning of the word, "sustainability", IC Dining and Sodexo follow our 14 commitments that are divided into three very important aspects of sustainability, "For your Health", "For your Community", and For your Planet".

 As a part of Sodexo's For your Community commitments, and our "Helping Hands Campaign", this year we are partnered with the Food Bank of the Southern Tier to raise money for their Backpack Program. As previously mentioned in a past blog, the Backpack Program provides students who are on assisted lunch programs with a backpack filled with food for over the weekend, so they don't have to worry about food when they are not in school.

It's such a great program; not only does the money go to children who really need it, but we are able to give back to a local charity and help our neighbors right here in Tompkin County! To donate, all you have to do is go to any one of the retail locations on campus. You can give as much as you want, or as little as a $1. All the money goes directly to the Backpack program!

When you donate, you are are given a "helping hands" sheet that is used to decorate that retail station and show how collectively, we are working to Stop Hunger is Tompkins County!

LaVincita decorated with "Helping Hands" sheets.
It costs $3 per backpack and $120 to feed a child for the entire year. So far we have raised $858!! That's enough money to feed 7 kids for an entire year! But we have two days left; the Helping Hands Campaign does not officially end until Friday November 9th. So if you haven't donated yet and want to, head down to any retail location on campus between now and Friday and make your donation today!

Sodexo's "For Your Community" Commitments:

1. We will fight hunger and malnutrition through our STOP Hunger initiative
2. We will support local community development
3. We will increase the purchase of products from fair trade sources

With Thanksgiving coming around the corner, why not start getting into the "giving mood"? Together, we can help create a system of better food security for our local community members.
Happy giving!

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