Friday, February 8, 2013

Meatless Monday at Food Lab

The new stations at Terrace Dining hall are cooking up something deliciously MEATLESS!

It's the beginning of the semester, a perfect time to get into the habit of eating meatless on Monday.  And with the food Terrace Dining Hall has prepared- it will be hard not to!

Haven't heard of Food Lab?  Well, Food Lab is the new and improved version of exhibition.  Now located in the old pizza/pasta station, Food Lab serves students a variety of food with a story behind it.  Each meal will be accompanied by either an explanation of the origins of the food, health benefits of the food, and other fun facts!  In addition, there will always be one of the following Sodexo Commitments related to the dish:

We will develop and promote health and wellness solutions for our clients, consumers, and employees in all the countries where we operate.

We will provide and promote varied and balanced food options at all our clients' sites.

We will provide and promote choices with a reduced intake of sugar, salt and fats at all our clients' sites.

( Sodexo is dedicated to demonstrating and executing our 14 Better Tomorrow Plan commitments.  If you would like to read more about our 14 commitments, please visit )

In addition, Food Lab serves themed meals, including Meatless Monday! (For a full list of themes, scroll to the bottom).  Every Monday, you can be sure to find a meatless meal at our new Food Lab station.  Food Lab is dedicated to always serving meatless lunch and dinner options that are healthy and tasty!  This past Monday, Food Lab served a Falafel sandwich.  Falafels are a tradition Arab food, and is wildly popular throughout the middle east.  Made from chickpeas and fava beans, falafels are an excellent source of protein.  This vegetarian treat is usually served in a pita, and topped with fresh cut veggies and some type of light sour cream based sauce.

Prepare your stomachs for whats coming up this Monday at Food Lab.  During the lunch hour we will be serving a Zucchini Fontina Panini.  Fontina is a soft textured Italian cheese that has a mild yet nutty flavor.  Melted and paired with zucchini, it will be sure to have your stomach satisfied!
And for dinner, a speciality bow tie pasta dish with tomatoes, spinach and feta will be served.  This dish balances carbohydrates with nutrient rich vegetables to make a healthy, yet sustaining meal.  Adding feta cheese gives this Mediterranean style dish even more flavor.

Food Lab is cooking up flavorful and appetizing vegetarian meals every Monday that you definitely won't want to miss.  However, check out Food Lab on other days as well! There are always deliciously themed meals, such as Meatless Monday, 'tis the season Tuesday, Well Balanced Wednesday, International Travel Thursday, and Fiesta Friday.  Sometimes there will be meatless options on days other than Monday.  For instance, this coming Tuesday, Food Lab will be serving Grilled 3 Cheese and Apple with Butternut Squash soup.

We would love to  hear your feedback on our new changes to Terrace Dining Hall! What do you think of the food and the options now available?  Fill out a comment card, comment on this blog, post on Facebook or Twitter, or send an e-mail to  Your comments are always read and always considered when we make changes to our dining halls.  Thank you!

Remember to enjoy our new Food Lab Station, and eat meatless on Mondays!


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