Friday, March 1, 2013

Skip Meat, Go Local, Cut CO2 Emissions!

If you were in Terrace Dining Hall on Thursday February 21st during lunch you probably saw our Recyclemania table located near the Food Lab. At this table we were discussing ways to take the initiative to recycle and compost waste instead of throwing it away. We also were promoting a Low Carbon Meatless option at Food Lab. You may have been curious what this was about since it isn’t directly related to recycling, but in fact they both go hand-in-hand.

Meat is responsible for much of the waste in this country. Not only in the amount of discarded food, but also in the sources of emissions from processing and shipping the meat. The three top ways that meat is associated with waste in this country are from disposal, transportation, and processing. 

Disposal: Some of the waste-related emissions are unavoidable with fat loss during cooking, but there are avoidable ways to help cut back on disposal. Using the meat before it is spoiled will cut back the loss. In the case where you do need to throw it away, compost it!
Transportation: It comes as no surprise that shipping the meat products emits CO2 in the air between shipping the animals to the slaughterhouse, processing plant, grocery store, and finally to your home.
Processing: Waste and CO2 emission is involved in the slaughterhouses because of the electricity used to run the plants and pump water throughout.  Furthermore, the packaging and freezing also creates a lot of waste.
Rachel posing with her (Local) Tofu Gyro! 

Reduce your CO2 Emissions: Go Local!
-Visit the Fresh Food Market located in Towers Dining Hall that supplies healthy AND LOCAL foods to choose from.
-Buy LOCAL from our retail locations. We offer products from: Emmy's Organics, Chobani yogurt, Byrne Dairy and much more! 

Go Meatless!
Go local! 

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