Monday, April 1, 2013

So Soy

Oy! Soy! We all know the health and environmental benefits of eating less meat and finding other sources of protein instead. But lets look at something else that cow's give us that has a better substitute as well, Milk. Cows are our number one producer of milk, yet there are other substitutes to cow milk that has both environmental and health benefits and many people find just as satisfying!

Soy Beans are a vegan favorite because they can be used in almost anything! From soups to dips, to snacks and salads, soy beans are extremely versatile. As we know, Cow's require enormous amounts of energy to feed, they produce waste, and they are a major emitter of methane. Soy beans are useful in the Earth's natural cycle because they convert atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen that fertilizes plants and enhances soil quality. It takes 14 calories of fossil fuels to produce 1 calorie of milk protein on a farm. Whereas, 0.26 calories of fossil fuels to make 1 calorie of organic soybeans. This is 13 times more energy efficient than organic dairy protein! And unlike meat production, these beans only require 43 gallons of water per pound to grow!

A fun fact about Silk is that they purchase wind power to compensate for the energy they use in milk production!

Soy beans provide better air quality, use less energy and water. They are Earth's best friend, and they can be yours too! Whether you drink soy milk, or eat soy beans during a meal, your body will thank you! Soy beans are high in fiber and antioxidants- two things that meat doesn't have! I continue to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new this week!
Silk-brand soy milk is offered at Simple Servings every day! Also, you can ask for soy milk at Charleston Market!

Simply Soy,

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