Monday, September 16, 2013

Going Meatless in Schools

We recognize that the most effective way to start a movement is for people to change their habits and encourage others to do so as well. Recently, our blog was featured in the Humane Society's weekly e-mail blast to encouraging their followers to read about meatless initiatives that many schools are doing in support of Meatless Mondays. We were pleased to be featured because one of our goals is that our efforts on campus will reach further than the Ithaca College community. As we continue to encourage IC students to go meatless on Mondays and change their habits to help better their health and the health of our environment, we are hoping they will help to spread the word outside of campus too! An article featured in The San Diego Union-Tribune, gave us more insight on what other schools are doing to promote Meatless Monday's. 

We have been told that teaching children foreign languages at a young age helps them to develop language skills easier because their brains are still developing.  We also notice trends in other ways that show how effective teaching young students healthy habits helps them to maintain these habits into their adult life.

San Diego Unified District recently picked up on this trend by going meatless in their school's cafeterias on Mondays throughout the school year. It is a way to encourage students to go outside their comfort zones to try something new. They are giving students the opportunity to try garden veggie burgers that have been proven to be a more heart healthy option because it has less saturated fat than a regular burger.

Similar to our initiative here on campus, that we are constantly recommending new foods to try on a meatless day, we want to encourage more people to explore their food options here on campus.  If people are able to explore foods outside of their comfort zone they might find more options for things that they like and it will be easier to find substitutes for meat on Monday's.

It's never too late to develop meatless habits. In our blog and other social media sites, we will continue to highlight the meatless options available to you. Help us continue the movement and share the new foods that you've discovered with friends and family!

Peace, Love & Meatless Monday

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