Monday, September 9, 2013

Meatless Monday: New School Year, New Habits!

Welcome back to IC! It's the beginning of another exciting year filled with new classes, faces, and in many ways, new beginnings. A new year is full of promise, because with everything being so new; it's an excellent time to start a new routine, or try to start and enforce new, and healthy habits. Be adventurous, try something new! Now, is the perfect time to set up a new routine, that can set the tone for the rest of the semester! 

If you are familiar with our blog at all, you will know that the concept of Meatless Monday, is not a new one. In fact, its one of our most frequently blogged about topics. One can say, that we are a little Meatless obsessed over here! But, keeping with the spirit of the new year, this is a great time to once again try to renew healthy habits we want to continue, or start brand new ones, and Meatless Monday is something that we suggest you add to your repertoire. 

If you think about it, Meatless Monday is very similar to that of a new school year. When you want to start a new routine or a new habit, it helps to have a brand new start; a clean slate if you will. It's not a coincidence that New Year's day, also comes with a set of New Year's Resolutions! It's hard to start new habits, or even harder, break old habits. Having a fresh start helps make these changes easier because new opportunities and a new environment helps to encourage these behavior changes. But, a new calendar year and a new school year only happen once a semester, or even once a year. So, what happens if you miss the boat and don't start new habits for these occasions? 

Well, no need to feel pressured or panicked, every week could be just the new beginning you are looking for! Monday, for many people is the start of a new week. It could be the start of a new work week, or school week, or the start of implementing a new schedule for the week! 

We, here at IC, have a special opportunity at hand. Not only do we have a new school year, we have the first Monday of the school year! So, why should you make Meatless Monday part of your new Monday routine? So many reasons! It's good for your health, by reducing the risk for heart disease, and high cholesterol. (Plus a few extra veggies never hurt anyone!) And its good for the planet, as well. A reduction in the consumption of meat reduces carbon emissions from animals themselves, as well as processing and transportation emissions. 

So, need some motivation or some helpful tools that help you jump into the Meatless Monday routine? Well we got you covered! Monday, September 9th from 11:30pm-1pm, we will be tabling in Terrace Dining Hall and spreading tips on how you can adapt or renew some awesome meatless habits. Some of these tips include where on campus to find meatless options, and how to stay on track when starting your new meatless goals! Ready to commit to Meatless Monday? An excellent way to keep yourself on track for Meatless Monday is to sign our Meatless Monday pledge! We will have the pledges available at our tabling event at Terraces. Sign up and leave your email, and we will send you Meatless Monday reminders, updates and motivation to keep up the Meatless!! 

So happy new school year, happy new routines and healthy habits, and Happy Meatless Monday!

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