Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's New at Dining Services!

Welcome Back Students!

Hopefully everyone has spent a relaxing and rejuvenating summer, and is now ready to get back into the swing of things at IC!  As we see new and old faces swipe into the dining hall, we thought it would be a good time to remind and reveal to students what's new in the dining halls!

As many of you may know, Terrace Dining Hall is the home of Food Lab and Simple Servings.  These two stations are where you will find unique and satisfying dishes of all varieties.

Food Lab focuses on offering a wide range of cultural and creative entrees each day of the week you will find a different theme, and the food prepared here will reflect that theme.
-Monday is Meatless, where you can eat a vegetarian meal for the benefit of your health and your environment! Look out for Meatless Monday blog posts every week for the what, where, how and why of Meatless Monday at IC.
-Tuesday is Tis' the Season, where we highlight local products in our dishes.  Whether its meat from Purdy & Sons, or cheese from Yancey's Fancy, we will incorporate a seasonal and local ingredient to our Tuesday dishes. 
- Wednesday is Wellness.  Looking for a nutritionally balanced and healthful meal? Our Wednesday dishes strive to be healthy and satisfying!
- Thursday is International. Expect your meal to have a cultural influence on Thursdays.  Terrace Dining hall will have you traveling all over the world with delicious foreign-inspired meals. 
- Friday is Fiesta!  Fun and festive inspired foods will greet you on Friday to celebrate the weekends!


Simple Servings is popular among students who have diet restrictions due to allergies or those who like to eat simpler meals (picky eaters, this one's for you!). Our chefs'are dedicated to making sure there is no cross-contamination when storing, prepping, and serving the food so it is a safe option for students with food allergies.

Simple Servings does not prepare food with any of the following common food allergens:
Tree Nuts
Milk Products 

Over at Towers Dining Hall, Fresh Food Market is a sustainability lover's dream! 

Fresh Food Market is dedicated to serving organic, natural, and locally grown food. All food is cooked to order to reduce the amount of waste!

Tower's is also a hot spot for those of you who may find yourself eating dinner after a long study session in the library or for those of you who like to indulge in a fourth meal with friends. Late Night at Towers Dining Hall is a nighttime option with different themes throughout the week. As requested by students last year, Late Night has also added healthier options to the themed meals!
-Monday Night is Breakfast Night where you can get omelettes made to order and now featuring a healthier egg white omelette option, as well as an oatmeal bar!
-Taco Tuesday is a popular experience among the IC students. There's nothing like a big plate of nachos to curb a late night craving! Now featuring vegetarian tacos and a grain salad bar!
-Wednesday is Pizza Night and nothing goes better with an Italian themed night than some whole wheat pasta!
-And lastly, the newly improved Thursday night option is Southern Comfort Night! Still with the same Thursday night favorite of Macaroni & Cheese, the new menu also features chicken legs and sausage gravy & biscuits!

Speaking of new additions to our campus dining experience, we are so excited to announce the newest station to Campus Center Dining Hall!

Returning students may have noticed that there have been some changes in the Campus Center Dining Hall. Most everything is the same but just moved around a bit to make room for the healthiest option of your day,  Mindful!

Mindful's mission is to create entrees that fill a plate with less than 600 calories. It is about giving students the choice to make healthier selections by learning about food to start living a more healthy lifestyle. Everyone's heard of the "freshman 15", and this might sound like a less exciting option than Late Night, but Mindful is so good it has everyone coming back for more! What makes mindful so different than other options is that it uses low fat cooking methods such as steaming, poaching, and grilling food. Mindful options are not only just found in campus center, all of the dining halls have picked up Mindful selections to add to their menus. So look for the symbol when deciding on your next meal!

Things are already underway in our Sustainability Intern office, we have a lot of exciting events planned for this semester to remind you to make choices that will benefit your health and the planet. Look for us tabling in all of the dining locations throughout the next year. Keep up to date on all things dining related by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. We love feedback! Tweet @ us or shoot us an email with any questions or comments!

Happy Dining!
-The Sustainability Interns

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