Monday, October 7, 2013

New Meatless Monday Newsletter!

You've got mail! And sent directly to you, from your Meatless Monday mentors! If you've ever seen us tabling about Meatless Monday, you may have noticed our Meatless Monday pledge. This pledge is a way to fully commit to going Meatless everyday Monday. Sound like a daunting task? Not to fear, that's where we come in. 

In addition to our weekly blog posts, we now have a Meatless Monday Newsletter. This will be a monthly addition that will include such features as, pictures of meatless options, and where they can  found in the dining (Check out our new Instagram account here:, the meatless tip of the month, as well as featured meatless item that you can try at home, or when you are not on campus. 

The  newsletter will also contain a cool new feature called the Meatless Monday forum! Attached to every newsletter will be a link to where you can post questions, comments and suggestions so that we, your Meatless Monday mentors, can better help you find a way to more easily go meatless on Monday. This will provide a more interactive and engaging (and hopefully more helpful!) tool for people who are interested in making Meatless Monday part of their routine.

We also want to make this a resource where feedback can be received. Like a certain meatless entree and want to see more of it? Let us know! Want to see more of a particular meatless dish at a certain station. Tell us here! We want to make your one day a week meatless transition to be as easy as possible, but we can't do that without your feedback!

How it works: Click on the link in the newsletter, or here: ( and make a username if you want to comment on any thread. (If you just wanna use the resources and not log in, that's available, too!) Click on "General Boards", and view and participate in the current threads. Currently we have: Meatless Monday Mentors (an overview of us and the site), Meatless Monday Announcements (where all new Meatless Monday news will be posted), and Meatless Monday resources (where we will post tools and tips from IC Dining and beyond related to Meatless Monday).

Want to sign up to receive the newsletter? Email your email address to us, at, and we will add you to the email list serve to receive it! Or, look for us when we are tabling and ask if you sign the Meatless Monday pledge!

Thread on! And Happy Meatless Monday!

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