Monday, March 17, 2014

Discover the "Story Behind Meatless Monday" at Food Lab!

Come one, come all! Meatless Monday enthusiasts, beginners, and skeptics, alike. Yes, even you die-hard carnivores. In one week, we are proudly presenting to you; in celebration of all all things Meatless, our Meatless Monday Food Demo! What is that you ask? Well let me explain!

Even though we like to consider ourselves to be Meatless Monday experts, even we can admit that sometimes eating meat-free can be a little tricky. Eating meat that is ingrained in our habits, and some might even argue, it is even ingrained into our culture. Meat-based dishes are culturally passed down from generation to generation, and traditions are kept alive through the act of eating. We are brought up and taught to feel comfort and security in ideas like the cozy Sunday roast, or the fun and festive backyard BBQ. And there is nothing wrong about enjoying and continuing those traditions. They make up the fabric of who are, and food is a powerful tool that is used to unite people to all different origins, ethnicities, and backgrounds. What we want to do, is promote the idea of continuing these traditions, in conjunction with new ones. Just like we are able to carry on the traditions and the emotions surrounding eating meat, we can easily begin creating new memories and routines around the tradition of eating meatless. It's a new narrative that can easily become a part of culture and society, as well. The idea of behind Meatless Monday is helping to create and strengthen this new narrative of meatless: what is it, how it is beneficial, and why it matters. And of course, one of the biggest reasons of them all, why it's delicious!!

And that's one of the reasons we are putting on our Meatless Monday Food Demo! Because seeing is believing, we would like to not only tell you about why Meatless Monday should become apart of your food traditions, we would like to SHOW you. We want to show you the story behind the food, the story of Meatless Monday! From as many angles, and perspectives as possible! From the sustainability perspective, nutrition perspective, and from a humanitarian perspective! 

You should come to our Meatless Monday Food Demo Event if:

1. You want to be entertained! You'll watch our very own vegan chef from Campus Center, Sue Wood, prepare a meat-free dish that is delicious, and student-budget friendly.

2. You want to be adventurous! You'll get to SAMPLE the meatless dish demoed during the presentation, so you can first hand see that you don't need meat to have a great tasting, healthy meal! (aka, FREE FOOD!!)

3. You want some Meatless Myths debunked! You'll get to learn that Meatless Monday is not just limited to salads, pastas, and stir-fry, but much more!

4. You're a "Nutrition Fanatic"!  You'll learn about the heart-healthy benefits of cutting out meat once a week.

5. You love our Planet! Discover how eating meatless can help protect our resources, and lessen our carbon footprint!

6. You're an animal lover! Guest speaker, Krystil Smith from the Humane Society will present and show how eating less meat, means more love for our furry friends.

7. You need SLI Credit! This is a Leading Self certified program, so sign up if you need SLI credit!

....And did I mention FREE FOOD!!...

So come March 24th at 2:30pm in Terrace Dining Hall at Food Lab for our 
Meatless Monday Food Lab Demo, and come prepared to learn the story behind Meatless Monday 
and why it could be right for you!

Happy Meatless Monday!
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