Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Supporting the Food Bank of the Southern Tier

     As new and returning students settle into their dorms and apartments, we are making Ithaca College our home away from home. This semester we will meet hundreds of different people that live down the hall from us, across the quad, or in the circle next to ours. Communities will form as we all find commonalities between one another. We may be a part of the dorm community, the Park School community, or a student organization community. But I urge you as students to also take a closer look at the bigger community that you are now a part of. The Ithaca community. It is filled with families and homes of those who are year round locals. This community serves a huge part in our lives. It supplies our professors, our dining hall staff, and our favorite places to visit downtown like Wegmans, Viva or Stewart Park.

The community members of Ithaca rely on us and we as students rely on them. It’s important for us to understand the Ithaca community that we are a part of, and give back in as many ways as we can. This Friday, September 12th is one opportunity that you can give back. 

Over 2,000 elementary students in the Southern Tier receive free or reduced lunch during school hours, but are struggling with hunger over the weekends and holidays. In order to remedy this, the Food Bank of the Southern Tier started a BackPack Program. Every Friday afternoon, this program provides children with a backpack full of nutritious, easy to prepare foods. Each backpack contains at least 2 proteins, 2 grains, 2 dairy, and 2 fruits or vegetables. Examples of these foods are peanut butter, canned fruits and veggies, tuna, cereal, and more. Children are able to use these foods to stay full during the weekends and holiday breaks and return to school ready to learn.

                Chris Allinger, radio personality of Q Country 103.7, will be walking over 100 miles over the course of one week to raise money for the BackPack Program. As he walks around Tompkins County, he will be collecting donations for the Tompkins County sector of the BackPack Program. One of his lasts stops on Friday, September 12th will be at IC Square at 3pm. As Chris will have been walking for 5 days when he arrives at IC, we are excited to greet him with a warm welcome. At IC Square, we will provide refreshments and a chance to meet Chris Allinger. He will say a few words about his mission, and will take any donations that are offered to him. Surprisingly, it only takes 3 dollars to fill a backpack with nutritious food for a student. A 3 dollar donation is all it takes to make a different in a young student’s life. Please join us at 3pm in IC Square to cheer on Chris, show your support for our community, and to make any donations if possible.
 Walkin The Country

For more information on Walkin’ in the Country, or the Food Bank of the Southern Tier’s BackPack Program, visit: 

We hope to see you there!
Jaclyn Cheri
Ithaca Dining Services

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