Monday, October 20, 2014

WasteLess - Eat Meat Free!

WasteLESS Week is this week! From October 21st to October 23rd. WasteLESS Week is a Sodexo run program to encourage employees and customers to waste less in all aspects of their lives. Because we are dining services, we will focus on decreasing waste in the dining hall. However, this week can be a push for people to waste less in all areas!

How does Meatless Monday tie in with wasting less? Well, Meatless Monday created this info graphic that explains how producing meat can be extremely wasteful.

The facts show that in terms of waste, a meat free diet produces a lot less waste than a meat filled diet. Greenhouse gas emissions and water usage are much higher when producing meat. In addition, the manure that animals create has methane gas in it, which is another greenhouse gas that is harmful to our environment. Overall, decreasing the amount of greenhouse gases emissions and water usage could lead to a huge difference for our environmental sustainability. Consuming less meat is one way to decrease the amount of resources we use.

Aside from reducing our consumption of meat and balancing our diet with plant based proteins, there are other ways we can waste less in the dining hall.
  1. Only take what you can eat!
    •  You can always get more food, and by taking only what you can eat you skip the risk of having to throw food out if you are too full to finish what's on your plate. 
    •  MyPlate can help you portion your meals, so that you are getting a balanced and sustaining meal.
  2. Use one plate, and bring it back up with you if you get more. 
  3. Be conscientious of how many napkins you are using.
  4. Compost and recycle anything that you need to throw out!
    • In the dining hall and retail areas, we compost all food waste and recycle all recyclables!
 Next time you are eating on campus, keep these things in mind. Together we can waste a lot less!

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