Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Humane Society visits IC Dining!

This past Monday, we celebrated Meatless Monday with Krystil Smith, the food policy coordinator at the Humane Society of the United States. A Food Lab demonstration and presentation was given in Terrace Dining Hall, at our Food Lab station. Executive Chef, JJ Molina, kicked off the presentation with a cooking demonstration of vegan couscous burgers. These burgers were made up of Israeli couscous and chickpeas. After combining the two ingredients, JJ added some Indian spices to give the burger flavor. He explained that the spices could be altered to fit anyone's taste - for instance, rosemary and garlic could be used. While the burgers were frying up, Krystil talked to us about the importance of Meatless Monday. This was a fun video she shared with us:

Krystil explained that most people only think about the Humane Society was protecting domesticated animals like cats and dogs. However, she told us that the Society actually fights for the rights of any and all types of animals. Meatless Monday is one way that anyone can support the Humane Society or the rights of animals. By avoiding meat even one day a week, you could save 37 animals in one year. That's just one person! Around 1 billion animals are saved if all of the United States stopped eating meat for just one day a week on a yearly basis. When looking at these numbers, it really shows the power of Meatless Monday. Even on an individual basis, eating less meat can make a huge impact. Krystil even made a few points about health and Meatless Monday, giving an example of a family member who has lost weight from participating in Meatless Monday.

Above is a picture of Krystil giving her presentation about Meatless Monday.

This picture shows Chef JJ Molina mixing the ingredients for a vegan couscous burger. 

We love Meatless Monday at IC Dining, and always enjoy having fun events themed around the movement! Let us know your thoughts on what you like or want to see IC Dining do for Meatless Monday!

- Jackie 
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