Friday, February 12, 2016

Our Better Tomorrow Plan

       Sodexo pledges to ensuring and improving quality of life for all our employees and people we serve. This means striving for excellence in four major categories that encompasses all our practices in our quest for a more sustainable and equitable future. These categories we commit to are Local Communities, our Employees, the Environment, and Nutrition Health and Wellness.
       We make every effort to give back to the local communities that support us in three ways. The first is fighting hunger. At Ithaca College we raise funds and collect food several times a year to support The Food Bank of the South Tier. Our most recent fundraiser alone collected 159.5 pounds of food and $1995, which adds to the $6000 we have raised for the Backpack Program already this year. This, in addition to our 800+ pounds of food donated yearly goes towards feeding those in need in our area. Sodexo also promotes economic development of inclusive and diverse business through our Supply Chain Inclusion Program. Increasing our food sources from fair trade certified sources is also our top priority and we are proud to serve Aspretto Fair Trade Coffee in our dining halls.
       Ithaca College Dining Services would not be able operate without our dedicated employees and we make an effort to provide them with the most comfortable and safe environment possible. Our teams meet for Daily Safety Moments to discuss the best practices in the work place as we strive for our 100% Safety Record, made possible by the formation of our Safety Committee. And if challenges do arise, our employees are encouraged to contact one of the professional consultants with our Lifework's program, available 24/7. As an employer we always want to see our staff members develop and grow throughout their career through our mentoring programs and mid-year and yearly evaluations to find ways in which they can improve and excel. We are also committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment and ensure fair treatment practices.
       As none of us would be here without the natural environment that makes all life possible, we make sure to employ green and sustainable practices whenever possible. We source as much local, seasonal, or sustainably grown and raised products as possible, are constantly working to increase our local food spend, and are proud to serve cage free eggs in dining halls. Our LeanPath tool helps us measure the organic waste generated on campus and allows us to set goals for reduction. Our target is a 5% reduction in pre-consumer waste and bringing our post-consumer waste down to 1/4 pound per person, compared to a national average of 1/3 pound. Greenhouses gases are also one of our number one concerns as we aim to reduce our over all carbon footprint by auditing our energy use, replacing obsolete and inefficient equipment, and improving behavior and work patterns.
      As food is our business, we are dedicated to provided the highest quality and most nutritious food to students. We promote and offer a variety of balanced food options that contain reduced sugar, salts, and fats using our Mindful Menu. Your food allergies are always accommodated by ensuring that there is never a shortage of allergen-free foods and you can meet with our dietitian and executive chef to discuss any dietary needs or limitations.
       Our Better Tomorrow Plan is aimed at improving quality of life in all sectors of our operation and the environmental, people, and communities that support us. We want to make a better world and dining experience for all and are always open to your comments and suggestions.


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