Friday, October 28, 2016

Why You Shouldn't Throw Away Your Food

Throwing away unwanted or unfinished food scraps may seem harmless, but if each person in every city across the country did the same, that would create quite a lot of trash. According to "The Center for Sustainability & Commerce" website, the average person generates 4.3 pounds of trash per day, that's over 1,400 pounds a year! A majority of this waste goes into municipal landfills, but nearly two thirds of the waste is composed of food scraps. Many people do not compost, but by composting, the average annual waste could decrease by nearly 50%. Most states do not have composting programs, but luckily for the city of Ithaca in New York there is a composting center, The Cayuga Composting Center.

How To Get Involved
The Cayuga Composting Center composts any type of food, food stained material or decomposable silverware. Nearly any type of food is compostable, napkins, tissues and other food-stained paper material are also compostable.

Here are a few options to consider when planning to compost:
  • Ithaca College has a great composting program run by a student organization, known as the eco-reps who promote and spread awareness on sustainability. They have a new composting program, where you can get compostable bags and a free bin to put all of your food scraps. Compost collections occur every Sunday from 1pm until 4pm at designated locations on campus.
  • There are also several Compost-Recycling-Trash (CRT) bins all over campus to put food scraps. The scraps collected are then sent over to the Cayuga Compost Center.
  • Create your own soil by composting the scraps in bins (you will have fresh soil, great for growing plants!) Visit to learn how to compost!

For more information on Eco-reps, visit them on Facebook at: REMP at Ithaca College


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