Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tips for a Sustainable Holiday Season

Decorate sustainably:

- instead of throwing away outdated ornaments, update them with matte silver paint, beads and bows; or, swap ornaments with friends and family!
- make your own holiday decorations rather than buying them from a store. You can make wreaths and table centerpieces using materials from your yard or in a nearby park or trail.
- Switch holiday lights to LED bulbs that use considerably less electricity
- Buy holiday string lights that are wired in parallel – if one bulb dies, the others will still work and you won’t have to discard “bad” strands

Host an eco-friendly holiday party:

- use glassware to avoid disposables
- save leftovers to be used in new dishes, send some home with guests, or donate any extra uneaten food to local shelters or food banks
- buy local beer, wines and seasonable vegetables
- save ribbons, bows, and gift bags each year and re-use them to wrap gifts

Minimize food waste during the holidays:

- Plan ahead and be realistic when making a grocery list. If guests are in charge of bringing a dish to pass, make sure they know how many people to cook for as well.
- store leftovers in smaller, individually sized containers so it’s easier and more convenient to re-heat for a quick meal

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