Friday, December 2, 2016

Catch of the Day: A Fresh Way to Eat Fish

    What better way to eat fresh than to have a fish caught that day? Chatham fisherman, Scott Macallister of Red’s Best, catches fish off the coast of Boston, Massachusetts. Macallister uses a classic fishing vessel named Carol Marie, and catches fish using a gillnet. He catches the fish in efficiently, and humanely by returning some to the sea. The fish are not treated with any sort of preservatives or chemicals for freshness, but rather shipped frozen to be prepared that day. His vision for Red’s Best is to provide consumers with a quality product. Recently, Macallister partnered with Ithaca College and on December 2nd, the college will feature his catch of the day: fresh Pollock. As described by the Red’s Best website, Pollock is a firm white fish that has a sweet delicate flavor that is less flaky than other kinds of seafood. The fish is shipped to Ithaca, and prepared within 24 hours of being caught. The college plans to feature more of his catches during the spring semester of 2017.

Interested? Check out the Red’s Best website for more info!

Why is Fresh Important?
    In order to have a healthy meal that leaves you feeling satisfied, the food must be fresh and not something that comes from a factory or filled with preservatives, with a shelf life of several months. Seafood, like meat, should be eaten within a week after purchasing the product. Meat or seafood left in the freezer for too long becomes tough and gradually loses flavor. They also could expire and lead to health problems if the label for expiration was misread. The fresher the product, the better the quality will be. Fresh seafood is safer, there is no risk of eating a potentially expired product.

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